In my experience, the UESCA Triathlon Certification is the most in-depth program available for individuals who want the necessary knowledge to develop their triathlon coaching expertise. The program is in-depth, presented in a consistent format, and progresses in a natural order. You will come away from this program with a solid education on almost all aspects of physiology, anatomy, and training development necessary for the foundation of coaching.

Tom Henell

This certification has been invaluable not only as a coach but also as a triathlete. As a coach, it has given me the confidence to work with athletes of different backgrounds and fitness levels.

Isabel Speer
2014 US National Duathlon Champion

Finally, a credentialed triathlon certification that is informative and has boosted my number of personal training clients! I feel fully confident in training clients to train for and compete in triathlons.

Alyssa Holland
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I was a division 1 athlete, studied sports and exercise science for six years. As a high school cross country and track and field coach I am always looking to know more. The UESCA running certification helped me understand the art of running, more so endurance running. The material is easy to understand, whether you have a background in exercise science or not. This exam will prepare you as a running coach and it will definitely push you to think outside the box as a coach, it will make your programs better, and you better as a coach.

Christine Jones

This course is incredibly in-depth, while still being clear, concise, and offering real information I can use daily with a wide range of clients.

Emily McHugh
Certified Personal Trainer, Avid Runner

Being a life long team sport athlete turned runner after college has fostered my love for the human body and what it can achieve. I love learning more about how the body moves and works as I've followed my passion of fitness. Studying for the running certification has increased my knowledge and insight further than I thought possible. The training is great for those (like me) who don't have a medical/physiological background but still gets into the ins and outs of the body and its workings. I feel confident that I can lead runners towards their goals after this training!

Lauren Lorow
Certified Personal Trainer

Triathlon Certification