Hesitating To Start Your Coaching Practice? 4 Truths You Need To Hear!

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I get asked with some frequency what is needed to start a coaching practice. This question is often asked by those that have been ‘sitting’ on the idea of starting a coaching business, or have started the process but haven’t launched. While I could discuss the specifics such as legal business formations, coaching software options, liability insurance, certifications, etc… I’ve found that these ARE NOT the things that are truly holding most people back.

1 – It’s You!

Perhaps a bit simplistic and brutal – this is the truth in most cases. While it’s easy to get stuck on perfecting the perfect business name/logo/website/content, or deciding what coaching platform is best for your future athletes – in my experience, these things are nothing more than stalling techniques, often born out of fear. And I totally get it! Been there, done that.

This is not to say that your website, logo, etc… are not important, but when they become the primary reason why you’re not progressing in launching your coaching practice, they become liabilities.

2 – Progress, Not Perfection

UESCA is the result of thousands of hours of work and guess what? It’s not perfect and it never will be. The best that you can hope for in business is that you make steady and meaningful progress on a consistent basis. However, if your goal is perfection in one or more areas before launching (or after launching) your coaching business, you’re going to be waiting a long time – as in ‘never!’

3. Just Do It

Not to steal the tagline from Nike but it encapsulates what you need to do get started. Yes, you need to make sure that you have things in place and a solid game plan for your coaching business but once you have that – just do it! The truth is that there will always be something else to delay you starting. Maybe your website is finally how you want it, but now you’re hung up on if you should use Google or Facebook as a paid marketing platform. This is just one example of the millions of things that you can obsess over rather than actually launching your business.

4. Everything You Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Fear

I forget where I saw this, but in my opinion, it is %100 accurate! When I look back at the things that I was most fearful of (but did them anyway), they had the biggest and most influential impact on my life. Fear by definition is scary and I have by no means conquered this in respect to growing my business – but, I have at least identified my fears and what I need to do to get over them.

So think about what scares you the most about launching your business and they will mostly likely represent what would be most impactful.


All of these aforementioned areas can be summed as this – stop getting in your own way! While easier said than done, the first step to progressing and launching your coaching practice is to be honest with yourself and admit that likely, you’re the thing that holding you back…

  • not the coaching platform
  • not your logo
  • not your website

At the end of the day, these things are excuses for not launching. Stop hesitating, have confidence in yourself and your coaching services and go for it!


Rick Prince is the founder/director of United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA), a science-based endurance sports education company. UESCA educates and certifies running and triathlon coaches (cycling and ultrarunning coming soon!) worldwide on a 100% online platform.

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Rick Prince

Rick Prince

Founder/Director of United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA).

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