The UESCA Triathlon Coach Certification represents the new standard in coaching education. The certification was developed over a 6-year period by reviewing the latest peer-reviewed sports science journals and through feedback from our seasoned team of professionals.

The goal of this certification is to inform and educate aspiring coaches on the science behind triathlon and the application of this information in a way that is easy to understand.

The triathlon coach certification consists of 25 robust online training modules. The modules represent the latest in research-based sports science and are designed to be an all-encompassing resource for those looking to become certified triathlon coaches. The modules can also be downloaded via PDF format.

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What You'll Learn

You will learn all aspects that are critical to being a well-rounded triathlon coach – and we don’t just skim the surface. Our triathlon coach certification program takes a deep dive into all areas of the certification to ensure that you are fully educated on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each area. So, whether it be discussing varied muscle recruitment of different cleat positions, or how to swim safely in open water – we’ve got you covered!
What you will learn - Triathlon Coaching Certification


Module 1: You… The Coach
Module 2: Skeletal System
Module 3: Muscular System
Module 4: Energy Systems
Module 5: Training Benchmarks
Module 6: Biomechanical Assessments
Module 7: Swimming Biomechanics

Module 8: Cycling Biomechanics

Module 9: Running Biomechanics

Module 10: Injury and Illness

Module 11: Resistance Training

Module 11A: Resistance Training Exercises

Module 12: Stretching and Myofascial Release

Module 13: Client Intake
Module 14: Goal Setting
Module 15: Periodization
Module 16: Training Program Development
Module 17: Training Modalities
Module 18: Pacing
Module 19: Mental Training
Module 20: Sports Nutrition
Module 21: Safety
Module 22: Triathlon Equipment
Module 23: Triathlon Apparel
Module 24: Race Preparation and Execution
Module 25: Legal Issues

BONUS: Business and Marketing Module

CLICK HERE for a detailed Triathlon Coach Certification syllabus.

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Our core team, as well as our advisors and contributors were selected based on their expertise and also their personal experience with endurance sports. We consider our team to be unrivaled in regard to the scope and detail of the information they bring to UESCA.
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Continuing Education - Running Coach Certification

No Tiers

It is our belief that a singular, comprehensive certification is the correct method by which to educate a coach. Multiple certification levels often equate to under educated coaches at low to mid level tiers, as well as excessive costs as compared to a singular comprehensive certification.

Service After The Sale

So, you passed the certification exam… now what? Not to worry – we don’t leave you hanging!

Whether it be via our coaches newsletter, blog or closed Facebook Coaches group where you can network and interact with other UESCA coaches, we keep you abreast of the most recent training developments.

Oh… and you have lifetime access to the certification content!

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What You'll Get

Questions? We Got Answers!

Absolutely! In fact, about 40% of our purchasers are international. However, it is important to note that rules and regulations noted in our certifications pertain to coaching in the United States via the US governing sport bodies. It is the sole responsibility of the individual purchasing the certification(s) to ensure that the UESCA certification meets any and all legal and regulatory requirements in one’s home country. All UESCA modules are in English.

Approximately 22-25 hours

$499 (psst… if you use this link, you’ll get 50 USD off the purchase price!).

Yes, UESCA offers a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Yes, while our certification is very comprehensive, it is developed and paced in such a way that anyone can register for it and have confidence that they will complete the program. We don’t have any experience or education prerequisites.

Yes. The test consists of 150 questions and you have one year after registering to take the exam.

Yes. In an effort to reduce the price of the certification and save a few trees, all of the modules are 100% online.

Yes, a score of 80% is required to pass. One retest is included at no charge.

Yes, we have a sample test (50 questions) that is administered using the same testing software as the actual test.

None. UESCA does not require traditional CEU’s but rather requires coaches to write a science-based paper every two years.

Only if you choose not to write the annual paper. Assuming you want to maintain your certification, you will take a re-certification exam and pay a $99 biannual fee.

Yes, our website and modules are responsive to be mobile-friendly.

Yes – upon successful completion of the exam, your certificate will be sent electronically, because who wants to wait for snail mail?!

Yes, you have the option to purchase in two equal installments – 30 days apart. And… you get immediate access!

No, UESCA does not require UESCA certification candidates or coaches to carry CPR certification. This is primarily due to the number of UESCA coaches that solely coach athletes virtually. If you plan on coaching athletes in-person, it is strongly advised to attain CPR/AED certification prior to working with these in-person athletes

Yes, to both of these! We offer a 50% discount to both military and first responders. Click here to learn more about this discount program.

Yes, we are partnered with seven (… and counting) amazing companies that offer discounts to our coaches.

Our Promise

We are so confident that you will not find a more comprehensive triathlon coach certification on the market, we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee!

In fact, prior to purchasing our certification, we encourage you to compare our program and course syllabus to other triathlon educational resources and certifications.

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