Training For An Endurance Event While Working A Physically Demanding Job

Training for an endurance sport can be tough. This is especially the case for someone who works a full-time job that requires a lot of physical labor. This is because these jobs typically involve long hours, being on your feet for extensive periods of time, and likely involves heavy lifting. Face it… that’s a workout […]

Is There Really A Fat Burning Zone?

A lot of endurance sport athletes train and race for reasons other than competition or a high placing. One of the biggest reasons is for the health benefits and moreover, to lose weight. So when you have a client come to you with weight loss as a primary goal, how do you proceed from a […]

Are You Really In Shape?

It didn’t seem that hard, I was going about 25 mph in a pack full of riders. However, when I looked down at my heart rate, I was surprised to see 168 looking back at me. I felt fine and my breathing was steady, so what gives? I glanced over at the guy next to […]

Three Words Every Great Coach Should Say!

Inevitably, an athlete that you coach will ask you something that you aren’t 100% sure about or something that you have absolutely no clue about (ex: what is the distance of a track in the middle lane?). How you respond to these questions says a lot about you as a coach and your coaching practice. […]

Should You Have An Off-Season?

As we’re in the fall marathon season, many runners are looking forward to what comes next…. the off-season! Whether you race every single weekend or target just a couple of races per year to take part in, the off-season represents a time to relax and not focus so much on high intensity/volume training. This often […]

5 Reasons you MUST have a cancellation policy (and what it should say)

If there is anything that 20 years experience as both a personal trainer and endurance sports coach has taught me is that having and adhering to a cancellation policy (CP) is a must! Notice that I wrote, ‘adhere to’ and not just ‘have.’ I know a lot of coaches and trainers that have cancellation policies […]

How’s your EQ?

Coaching success is all too often discussed in terms of race times and places. This is a very black and white view of the coaching process and quite frankly, it’s the incorrect view. I once had an athlete come to me for coaching from another coach and when I asked how they did in their […]

Fatigue: Mind and (or) Muscle?

Fatigue is a catchall term that is used in many different contexts. Some view fatigue as a progressive process that begins at the onset of exercise while others view it as the involuntary end point of an exercise bout. PERIPHERAL FATIGUE Physiological changes that occur within a muscle in regards to fatigue are termed peripheral […]

Fake News

Before we get started, no – this is not a political piece… far from it! However, the basis of supposed “fake news” has a lot in common with information that you likely read on a daily basis in the area sports performance. Some of these areas are: Manipulating facts Facts established on loosely-based correlations vs. […]

Must you go long to be a REAL endurance athlete?

ME: “Yes, I do running races” THEM: “Have you done the NYC Marathon?” ME: “No” THEM: “Oh, have you ever done a marathon?” It seems that you can’t pick up a running or triathlon magazine without an article describing how to train for a marathon or full distance triathlon, respectively. The message is pretty clear […]