The Menstrual Cycle and Female Athletes

Female Needs As we know women and men are different. But what makes them so?  Do they need to train differently?  Women menstruate and with this, hormones fluctuate. This can have a significant effect on how a female athlete may respond to exercise, the demands of her sport and competition.  Hormones are the body’s chemical […]

Psychological Performance Factors

The focus of training and racing within endurance sports primarily focuses around the physical aspect.  There is often so much of a focus on physical performance that the psychological element of training and racing gets left out of the conversation.  Passion Some athletes just have more passion for their sport than others. This isn’t good […]

Keep It Going!

As most all races are either cancelled or postponed (including the Olympics!) and most all gyms and rec centers are closed, in regard to training, it’s very easy to fall into the, “What the point?” mentality. I totally get it. Stop Training – Start Exercising For many of us, we don’t view what we do […]

Training For An Endurance Event While Working A Physically Demanding Job

Training for an endurance sport can be tough. This is especially the case for someone who works a full-time job that requires a lot of physical labor. This is because these jobs typically involve long hours, being on your feet for extensive periods of time, and likely involves heavy lifting. Face it… that’s a workout […]

Could This Be The Best Running Cross-Training Exercise? We Think So!

There are countless ways to cross train for running. Some are expensive, some are free. Some require equipment, some don’t.  While most all cross training exercises will benefit you – to a large degree, the type of cross training exercise(s) should be dictated by what your specific needs are.  For example, if you have chronic […]

Are You Really Using Your Glutes When You Run?

Pick up any running magazine or read any running blog and you’re sure to come across an article that discusses the important role of the glutes. Are the glutes really important to runners? Yes. Do all runners activate their glutes properly when running? No. ROLE OF THE GLUTE MAX Let’s first discuss the role of […]

How To Deal With Coaching Burnout

In respect to sports, burnout is most associated with athletes. But coaches can burnout too! While some coaches coach full-time, for most of us, coaching is a side-gig born out of our passion for our sport and the desire to help others. As such, coaching tasks such as updating schedules and athlete emails/phone calls often […]

Do Self Professed ‘Slow Runners’ Need Interval Training?

As a coach, I get this question with some frequency. It usually goes something like this… “I’m training for a marathon and I don’t plan on running any faster than a 10 min/mile pace. So why do I need to do intervals?” Fair question to be sure… and this question is the crux of the […]

How To (Successfully) Integrate Strength Training With Running

A workout program should combine both cardiovascular and resistance training elements. This is not new news and for most non-competitive athletes, this is can be done easily and without much issue. However, when you bring into the conversation areas such as peaking, recovery days and tapers… this integration gets a bit tricker. Before we go […]

Stop Training Your Clients Like You Train Yourself!

Do 12 reps of double box jumps like me – it’ll improve your finishing kick! You get your best results by training hard on back-to-back days followed by two consecutive easy days. After you know that this training structure works best for you, you integrate it into all of your clients’ programs. Why? Because if […]