The Importance of Educating Athletes

I remember sitting through most of my classes in high school with extreme boredom and for lack of a better word, hatred. Math, physics, chemistry, you name it – I hated it. As a result, I was an average student at best whose goal was just to pass and move on to the next grade. […]

The Often Overlooked (and Most Important) Training Variable – Fun!

It goes without saying that training for endurance sports can at times be grueling and sometimes, downright painful. Whether it be the 4am wake-up to get in a workout before work, or suffering through a hard set of intervals, training isn’t always a walk in the park – nor should it be. However, and the […]

7 Steps to Create an Annual Running Training Program

As the 2021 calendar year is winding down, it’s time for most of us to plan our own and our athletes’ training programs for the upcoming year. This post primarily focuses on the coach/athlete relationship but the content is just as applicable to self-coached athletes. While there are many different ways to construct a training […]

Minimizing the Chance for GI Distress in Ultramarathons

Reducing chance for GI distress in ultrarunners

You’ve probably seen the commercials with someone having a bad case of indigestion and dropping a few white tablets in a glass of water to create a magical, fizzy concoction that is supposed to alleviate the bloat and stomach issues … or the goopy, pink soup-like drink that helps with similar multiple stomach ailments. While […]

Benefits of Low Intensity Training

As endurance athletes, we are subjected to a plethora of information in one aspect or another regarding how we can improve our training and racing outcomes. Whether it be the latest gear (shoes or heart rate monitors), fueling sources (drinks, energy bars, gels, and food sources), diets (keto, paleo, vegetarian, etc..), and more. Training programs […]

10 Differences Between Road Racing and Ultramarathons

runners vs. ultrarunners

I’m not going to lie – prior to creating the UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification with ultrarunning coach, Jason Koop, I must admit, I fell into the group of people that more or less viewed an ultramarathon as just a ‘long marathon.’ As such, I deduced that in order to create an ultrarunning program, all you […]

11 Ways UESCA Is Different From The Competition

The most common question that we get at UESCA is, “How is UESCA different from other certification companies?” Fair question to say the least. With multiple certification options out there, it can be confusing to say the least to find the one that is right for you. In this post, we will delve into 11 […]

Overtraining Syndrome and Strategies to Prevent It

You may have felt this before – you’re training hard, putting in countless hours training as your program requires yet your progress is at a stalling point, or getting worse. If this is the case, you may be suffering from Overtraining Syndrome, a common and overlooked phenomenon that affects endurance sport athletes, but can occur in […]

Top 10 Pieces of Training Advice From Our Certifications

The majority of our UESCA coaching certification content has come from two primary areas, peer reviewed sources and from our top advisors and contributors. While there is a lot of valuable training information in our certification content, I was asked the other day by one of our coaches what the most impactful and important training […]

My “A” Race Is Over … Now What?

Transition season

Your Guide To An Enjoyable and Productive Transition Season Having lived on the East Coast my entire life and now residing in New Jersey, fall is upon us and a majority of the big events and races are over in this region. At the time of writing this, there is still the Boston Marathon (rescheduled […]