UESCA Coach Profile: Andy Morgan – Mile in My Shoes

Tell us more about Mile in My Shoes (MiMS)? Mile in My Shoes (MiMS) is a Twin Cities based organization that builds running teams at homeless shelters and re-entry programs for people leaving incarceration. Founded in 2014, we have run with and trained hundreds of homeless and previously incarcerated individual for distances from 5K to […]

Be Wary Of Research-Based Running Advice

What?! But I thought your running coach and triathlon coach certifications are based in science due to evidence-based study information? Before you pass this article off as click-bait and hit the delete button, please allow myself to explain myself. Game of Telephone While actual running studies no doubt have quite a bit of detail in […]

Athlete First, Stats Second

The Year: 1997The Place: Cooley Dickinson HospitalThe Subject: Yours trulyThe Setting: Cardiac Rehabilitation Center I was about to graduate with a degree in Kinesiology from Springfield College (go Pride!) but first, I had to fulfill my internship hours. As a young student armed with a lot of theoretical knowledge but not much else, I was […]

Q & A with UESCA Running Coach – Mandy Mullen

Fusion FIT

I had the pleasure of getting to know Mandy when she so graciously agreed to be in UESCA’s introduction and strength training videos. While you likely won’t find someone with more things on their plate, as you’ll read below, Mandy still manages to thrive in all aspects of her life. Like me, I hope that […]

How To Train For Rescheduled Fall Marathons

While a lot of races have been outright cancelled, quite a few races (especially the big ones) have been postponed to the fall. To illustrate this, below are some of the big marathons, along with their rescheduled dates: Paris Marathon – October 18 Boston Marathon – September 14 London Marathon – October 4 Flying Pig […]

Keep It Going!

As most all races are either cancelled or postponed (including the Olympics!) and most all gyms and rec centers are closed, in regard to training, it’s very easy to fall into the, “What the point?” mentality. I totally get it. Stop Training – Start Exercising For many of us, we don’t view what we do […]

Your Race Has Been Cancelled / Postponed – Now What?

You’ve made travel plans, been training hard… and now your race has been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. So where do you go from here? Well, in all reality, the first step (which you’ve likely already done) is to get pissed off and perhaps eat an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies – we […]

9 Reasons Why Your Race Sucked

1. DIDN’T PREPARE FOR THE CONDITIONS When dealing with mother nature, anything and everything is possible. Whether it be rain, extreme heat/cold, wind, etc… there is no shortage of weather related things that can arise on race day. As such, training in these conditions so that you know how to dress, how your body will […]

Injured? Don’t Blame Your Running Shoes

SHOE SELECTION Running store employees typically select shoes for customers based on the degree of a customer’s foot pronation. This is most typically assessed by having a customer run on a treadmill while the employee visually assesses them from behind. Often, the employee will also record a customer’s foot strike and play it back for […]