5 Tips For Coaching Through The Pandemic

These are stressful times – no doubt about it. From an endurance sports perspective, with very few in-person events being held and not knowing what 2021 is going to look like in regard to the race calendar, there are a lot of unknowns. However, despite the current climate of things, athletes are still being coached […]

The Value of Easy and Hard Days

As an endurance sports athlete for over 25 years and as a coach for over 20, there is one training mistake that I’ve found most all athletes (including myself) make at some point or another. As the founder of UESCA, I’ve also heard this from plenty of our coaches Athletes don’t go easy enough or […]

Want More Power On The Bike? Start With Your Ankles

There was a time not too long ago, if you wanted an accurate assessment of your power output while cycling, you had to head to a physiology lab – not so anymore. Nowadays, on-the-bike power meters are as ubiquitous as heart rate monitors used to be. Due to this, there are endless articles and resources […]

What Is The Soleus Muscle?

When you hear most people refer to the calf muscles, they are referring to the two side-by-side muscles that protrude from the back of the lower leg – especially when the heels lifts off the ground. These side-by-side muscles are heads of the gastrocnemius muscle. Perhaps the reason why the soleus muscle is not considered […]

Hesitating To Start Your Coaching Practice? 4 Truths You Need To Hear!

I get asked with some frequency what is needed to start a coaching practice. This question is often asked by those that have been ‘sitting’ on the idea of starting a coaching business, or have started the process but haven’t launched. While I could discuss the specifics such as legal business formations, coaching software options, […]

Training For Road Races vs. Ultramarathons – 5 Key Differences

Ultrarunning Coah Certification | USECA | Online Certification

As we’re in the home stretch of completing work on the UESCA Ultrarunning Certification in partnership with Jason Koop, I’ve learned quite a bit during the creation of the certification. While I wasn’t quite naive enough to think that an ultra was just a really long marathon, I must say that the development of the […]

Coaching – The Perfect Side Hustle

Running Coach Certification

As we move into October 2020, the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and it’s impact on well… just about everything is still very much a reality. Perhaps the best word to sum up the impact is uncertainty. At UESCA, we have been hearing about this uncertainty from purchasers of our triathlon and running coach certifications. While there […]

Are You ‘Fixing’ Your Running Form Like A Rubik Cube?

While I’m well aware that I’m dating myself by asking this question, did you have a Rubik Cube when you were growing up? I did and unlike those geniuses that can take one look at it, get blindfolded and solve it in a matter of seconds… I struggled to even get one side to match! […]

Everything You Need To Know About Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

We’ve all been there. You get back from an awesome run, feel healthy and energized, have a nice dinner, go to sleep and then @$*%#!… you can barely make it down the stairs the next morning (and the morning after that) because it feels like someone shortened your hamstrings by about an inch and then […]

The Science of Stretching – Simply Explained

Pre-stretching reduces performance. Stretching is dangerous. You must hold a stretch for at least 10 seconds. These are just a few of the topics surrounding stretching that are thrown around with some frequency. So what is the truth about stretching and what is shall we say… less than accurate? To get to the bottom of […]