Top 10 Pieces of Training Advice From Our Certifications

The majority of our UESCA coaching certification content has come from two primary areas, peer reviewed sources and from our top advisors and contributors. While there is a lot of valuable training information in our certification content, I was asked the other day by one of our coaches what the most impactful and important training […]

My “A” Race Is Over … Now What?

Transition season

Your Guide To An Enjoyable and Productive Transition Season Having lived on the East Coast my entire life and now residing in New Jersey, fall is upon us and a majority of the big events and races are over in this region. At the time of writing this, there is still the Boston Marathon (rescheduled […]

Training the Whole Athlete

Multiple training variables

I started bike racing in 1989 and while there was some training technology at that time, it was largely limited to Polar heart rate monitors which at that time, was like wearing a desktop computer on your wrist! Since that time, we’ve been blessed with substantial increases in technology both in terms of real-time data […]

10 Common Training Mistakes

1. Too Easy on Hard Days, Too Hard on Easy Days This is perhaps the most common training mistake that I see on a regular basis, as well as the most common training mistake that I hear from fellow UESCA coaches. Training intensities at either end of the spectrum typically elicit the greatest physiological responses. […]

Five Reasons Not To Train Like A Pro

I challenge you to find one endurance sports magazine that has not at some point had at least one article on how to train like a professional {insert sport} athlete. This is likely for good reason – I mean who wouldn’t want to run like Sara Hall, ride like Wout Van Aert, swim like Katie […]

Is FOMO Ruining Your Training?

Ah yes… good ole’ FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)! As the founder of UESCA, long-time coach and athlete, I can confidently say that FOMO is one of the key factors for athletes not adhering to training programs, as well as having their progress derailed. Aside from hearing from coaches all of the time about this […]

Introduction to Gravel Racing

You’d be hard pressed to find another sport that is exploding in popularity the way gravel riding/racing currently is. The popularity of gravel riding is akin to what mountain biking was in the US back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. To the casual observer, gravel riding/racing is just like road riding, but on […]

How To Properly Fuel for a Full-Distance Triathlon

Nutrition in any race is key for a successful outcome. For a full-distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run), it’s just as important as the physical training. Just like one’s prep for a great swim, bike and run, fueling for a race has to be practiced, the gut trained and done in […]

The Menstrual Cycle and Female Athletes

Female Needs As we know women and men are different. But what makes them so?  Do they need to train differently?  Women menstruate and with this, hormones fluctuate. This can have a significant effect on how a female athlete may respond to exercise, the demands of her sport and competition.  Hormones are the body’s chemical […]

A Week in the Life of Professional Triathlete, Angela Naeth

I often get asked to tell others what a “week in the life of a pro triathlete” looks like. In all honesty, as a coach of amateur athletes, it’s not too much different than how I coach others. I may have more workouts, longer training sessions at times – but the bulk of what I […]