What is Base Training? Hint: It’s Not What You Think

What is Base Training? Among endurance athletes, base training is synonymous with early-season training at a low intensity that increases in volume with the purpose of building one’s aerobic fitness. While this is often the correct programming strategy, in many cases, it may not be the right strategy. But why? What’s In The Name? As […]

Overtraining Syndrome

This blog post is largely taken from our certification content and is contributed by UESCA advisor, physiologist and overtraining syndrome expert Alexandra Coates. While everyone has heard of the terms “Overtraining” and “Overtraining Syndrome”, there is a lot of confusion as to what overtraining really is. In this section we will define the components of […]

Environmental Physiology and Training Considerations

There are a lot of unique things about endurance sports. However, perhaps one the most unique aspects is the influence of the environment on athletes. As an example, the Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb (Mt. Evans) ascends 6,630 feet and tops out at a dizzying 14,130 feet! Whether it’s altitude, heat, humidity or cold weather; […]

GUIDE: Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

The History Ahh yes, strength training – the nemesis of any endurance athlete… or at least that is what we are often led to believe. For starters, despite being debunked many many years ago, the myth that lifting a weight or doing a lunge will automatically add pounds of muscle still persists to this day. […]

Be Careful Who You Listen To

“A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.” I’m sure that many of you have heard this quote before and from my experience, it’s 100% spot on. Now, while not everyone that gains a little bit of knowledge in a particular area will try to come across as Einstein, there are certainly quite a […]

The Most Boring (and Important) Factor of Success

Buy those carbon plated shoes and you’ll hit a PR. Do this specific workout that I’m selling and you’ll increase your lactate threshold. If you use this gel, you won’t hit the wall. There are endless training methods and tips that promise everything from marginal to huge gains. This is also true in the world […]

Lactic Acid vs. Lactate: What’s The Difference?

If you’ve been involved with endurance sports for even a short amount of time, you have no doubt heard or read that the ever so fun muscle burn that you experience is caused by a thing called ‘lactic acid.’ This obviously must be correct as so many sources cite lactic acid as the nemesis of […]

10 Things To Consider When Starting a Coaching Business With Limited Capital

Starting any sort of business is hard – whether it be a small coaching business or Amazon.com, it ain’t easy! While there are more than 10 things to consider when starting a coaching business with limited capital, this blog will cover the top 10. While there are unlimited problems and issues that arise when starting […]

The Science of the Warm-Up

Whether it was your 5th grade soccer coach, your college track coach, or your running group buddies; if you’ve been participating in sports of any kind, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “You gotta warm up!” While this is a common understanding, the science of the warm up is less understood. While the general rationale for […]

The Most Common Training Mistake

As a long time coach and endurance sport athlete, I’ve seen many training mistakes. However, I’ve witnessed the most common training mistake in most all athletes that I’ve coached… and in full disclosure, I’ve been guilty of it as well! There are quite a few mistakes that endurance athletes make during the training process; however, […]