Meet Your Athlete Where They Are At

‘Meet Your Athlete Where They’re At.’ This typically refers to the physical training program in respect to the starting intensity/volume. Meaning, as a coach, don’t go nuts and overextend an athlete that is not physically ready. While this is a commonly used phrase and coaching practice, it should not be viewed in only this context. […]

Heart Rate – Intensity Mismatch

Heart rate is used by many endurance athletes as a way to both assess and prescribe workout intensities. While heart rate is fine to use as a training metric in some cases, two reasons often cited where it falls short is in regard to heat and cardiac drift. Heat is pretty obvious – the higher […]

It Ain’t Luck

I was talking to a friend the other day and they uttered the two words that I despise the most, “You’re lucky.“ In this particular case, it happened to relate to me not having a boss, able to work from home and have a business that generates passive income. The simple fact of the matter […]

Does Running Symmetry Matter?

Credit: Doug Mills (New York Times) In a 2017 NY Times article (NYT) about Usain Bolt’s running form, it notes that his right leg appears to produce 13% more peak force than his left leg and that his left leg stays on the ground 14% longer than his right leg. Antti Mero, an exercise physiologist […]

Role of the Big Toe in Running

Within the world of running, there is a lot of information about biomechanics – primarily in respect to the knees, hips and ankles. What is often left out is the toes and more specifically, the big toe. The body is one big kinetic chain which means that when running, no body part functions in isolation. […]

5 Tips For Coaching Through The Pandemic

These are stressful times – no doubt about it. From an endurance sports perspective, with very few in-person events being held and not knowing what 2021 is going to look like in regard to the race calendar, there are a lot of unknowns. However, despite the current climate of things, athletes are still being coached […]

The Value of Easy and Hard Days

As an endurance sports athlete for over 25 years and as a coach for over 20, there is one training mistake that I’ve found most all athletes (including myself) make at some point or another. As the founder of UESCA, I’ve also heard this from plenty of our coaches Athletes don’t go easy enough or […]

Want More Power On The Bike? Start With Your Ankles

There was a time not too long ago, if you wanted an accurate assessment of your power output while cycling, you had to head to a physiology lab – not so anymore. Nowadays, on-the-bike power meters are as ubiquitous as heart rate monitors used to be. Due to this, there are endless articles and resources […]

What Is The Soleus Muscle?

When you hear most people refer to the calf muscles, they are referring to the two side-by-side muscles that protrude from the back of the lower leg – especially when the heels lifts off the ground. These side-by-side muscles are heads of the gastrocnemius muscle. Perhaps the reason why the soleus muscle is not considered […]