Fear Factor

Whether running 26.2, or worrying if you’ll be a credible coach, this post discusses the fears of new coaches and the fears of new endurance athletes. Whether or not ‘fear’ is the most accurate word, when starting anything new, it would be abnormal to not have some degree of trepidation and anxiety. DESENSITIZATION Desensitization most […]

February Coach Profile – Rahul Sharma

Our February Coach of the Month is Rahul Sharma, founder of CYRUNS. If any of you have every thought about making a career change to what you’re truly passionate about, you’ll definitely want to read this post! We’re totally impressed and inspired by Rahul and we’re sure you will be too! How did you begin […]

Life Force Suckers

As a fresh out of college personal trainer living in NYC, everything was an adjustment… especially the rent! I tried as hard as I could to get advice from any and everyone I could on how to get clients, keep clients, market my services, etc… One of the first pieces of advice I got was […]

UESCA January Coach Profile – Ken Szekretar Jr

Our January Coach of the Month is UESCA Running Coach, Ken Szekretar Jr. Ken is personal trainer, running and triathlon coach in NYC. Ken offers great time management advice on how to work with clients that have hectic schedules – especially those training for full distance triathlons. Additionally, as Ken lives in NYC, he offers […]

UESCA December Coach Profile – Robyn LaLonde of EDGE Athlete Lounge

Our UESCA December Coach of the Month is Robyn LaLonde, founder of EDGE Athlete Lounge in Chicago. As both an endurance athlete and owner of an endurance sports-based business, Robyn provides valuable insights into how to get motivated, the most common training mistake athletes tend to make and how to stay fit in the gym. […]

UESCA October Coach of the Month – Isabel Zamora

Our October UESCA Coach of the Month is Isabel Zamora. Isabel was the 2014 US Duathlon National Champion and most recently qualified for, and participated in the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Isabel is the founder of CAZA Triatlón. A lot of people think about doing a triathlon but never do one out of fear […]

Do Your Personal Race Results Matter As A Coach?

If you check out multiple coaching websites, it’s likely that some of them will denote races that their coaches have participated in, and in some cases, they may list their placings and PR’s for various distances. I get it, doing so demonstrates experience, credibility, competence, and fitness/athletic level – or does it? Experience Matters There […]

Are You An Insecure Coach?

I don’t know of any coach, myself included, that has not felt insecure at some point when working with a client. Perhaps the client is a lot faster than you, maybe they worked with a high-profile coach prior to working with you… or maybe they ask a lot of technical questions and you’re not sure […]

Thinking of Glycogen Depletion Training? Think again

Amongst endurance athletes, there are many words and phrases that are commonplace but to outsiders, may seem like a foreign language – Fartlek is likely high on this list. However, of all the words, none are more fear-inducing than the dreaded ‘bonk.’ There is a good reason why bonking is also referred to as, “hitting […]

10 Tips to Stay on the Legal Side of Your Coaching Practice

Coaches are often so focused on the training side of their businesses that they negate a very important part – the legal side. While I am not an attorney, as someone with over 20 years experience in the fitness and coaching business, I’ve come to learn the importance of the following ten areas: LIABILITY WAIVER […]