Interview with Mark Sky – World’s #10 Ranked Adventure Racer!

Yes – we’ve heard of adventure racing. No – we weren’t exactly sure what it is. So we reached out to UESCA coach and professional adventure racer, Mark Sky. Mark is the worlds #10 ranked adventure racer and is on team Bend Racing.  Check out this short Q & A to find out not only […]

Training and Racing as a Vegan Athlete – Becca Menke

Within the endurance sports world, there are a lot of myths surrounding being a vegetarian and, or vegan athlete. Whether it be, “You can’t get enough protein” or “It’s too hard to find vegan places to eat at races,” the number of myths are endless.   Lucky for us, we asked vegan athlete and UESCA coach […]

Starting and Managing a Side Hustle Coaching Practice (without going crazy!)

Common questions that we get at UESCA are: How do I get started coaching? How do I balance it with my full-time job and family obligations? Well lucky for us, we’ve tapped UESCA coach, David Ayer, founder of RunRelated to answer not only these, but several other questions for us. If you’re looking to start […]

Do this to become a faster runner (no running required)!

Despite having always been a cyclist in high school, in college, I decided to give running a shot and ran both track and cross-country. While not racing my bike seemed a bit foreign, I loved the simplicity of running and stopped riding even recreationally. So when my childhood friend called me to ask if I […]

The Most Valuable Coaching Skill That You Can’t Learn From A Book

There are many factors that make up a great coach. Knowledge of the body and how it functions – check Ability to create a progressive and safe training programs – check Staying up to date on the most recent training science and practices – check While these are just a few, there are near limitless […]

Free Energy – No Fancy Shoes Required!

Photo credit: Nike A recent NY Times article investigates whether or not Nike’s claim that their Zoom Vaporfly 4 is faster than other running shoes. As it turns out, based on their data sets, the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4 does equate to faster race times – so much so that it is an outlier compared […]

June Coach Profile – Dr. John Tuggle

Our June UESCA Coach of the Month, Dr. John Tuggle, is a seasoned endurance athlete and chiropractor whose business, The Tri Doc, focuses on endurance athletes. Dr. Tuggle offers great advice on when to seek help for pain, how to reduce the chance of injury and how to successfully manage a hectic schedule. Lots of […]

April Coach Profile – Crystal Jahner

We’re so impressed and motivated by Crystal Jahner, our April Coach of the Month. She’s a working mom, running coach, runner and oh yeah… race director! Prepare to be inspired! What was the main reason(s) that you wanted to become a running coach? I had participated in a run group several years ago and loved […]

How To Motivate Your Clients

Pretty sure we’ve probably all seen at least one Rocky movie (or in our case, a lot of them!), or another movie that shows a coach/trainer screaming at their student. Is this the right way to motivate your clients? Answer: Depends on the client Like any relationship, the farther along you are in a coaching […]

Should You Take Advice From Pro Athletes?

Pick up any running, cycling or triathlon magazine and you’re sure to come across an article that gives training and racing tips from a top pro. I get it… secretly (or not so secretly), we’d all like to see 2:10 when crossing the marathon finishing line or ascend the Tour de France climbs with the […]