A Silver Lining

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in both scope and severity. As such, this post is not meant by any means to gloss over, or diminish the catastrophic nature of the pandemic. Rather, the goal of this post is to shed light on a positive and unsurprising side effect of millions of people being […]

UESCA Almost Never Existed – Here’s Why!

Whether it be clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button for a half-marathon in July, or starting a coaching business, it’s really easy to overthink things and not take action. There are a million reasons for this type of thinking and behavior. I get it…  I was there! I often get asked how and why I […]

Carbohydrate vs. Fat Burning – A Comprehensive Review

So you want to learn how to fuel for your upcoming marathon? No problem. Just do a quick Google search for burning carbohydrates and fat and… oh God!! Your search returned about 41 million (41,300,000 to be exact!) search results, all of which likely differ in the advice given. The topic of fueling is very […]

The Single Most Important Trait Of A Successful Coach

Prior to founding UESCA, I worked in the fitness industry as both a personal trainer and fitness/general manager for Fortune 100 companies. Over 20 + years of observing trainers, I became acutely aware of a singular trait that all of the successful trainers had. My first personal training job was in NYC at arguably the […]

7 Best Exercises For Runners (Videos)

There are countless exercises that a runner can do to improve their performance – the above image is NOT one of them! 😉 It should be noted that what constitutes, a “best exercise” is largely based on the individual. That being said, the exercises noted below represent areas that are critical for runners both in […]

What’s Holding You Back?

When it comes to starting or growing a business, there will inevitably be pain points. I’m paraphrasing, but there is a quote that I heard once that goes something like this, “Growth happens on the other side of your comfort level.” This couldn’t be more true.  As athletes, we know this to be true as […]

How To (Successfully) Integrate Strength Training With Running

A workout program should combine both cardiovascular and resistance training elements. This is not new news and for most non-competitive athletes, this is can be done easily and without much issue. However, when you bring into the conversation areas such as peaking, recovery days and tapers… this integration gets a bit tricker. Before we go […]

Does Stride Rate Really Matter?

If you’ve been running for any amount of time, you’ve likely read that a stride rate (SR) of 180 steps per minute (SPM) or higher is the correct cadence. You might be asking yourself, “Why 180, it seems a bit arbitrary?”  The genesis for the 180 SPM dates back to 1984 and more specifically, the […]

Training and Racing in the Heat

Whether you enjoy or loathe running in hot weather, there is no doubt that running in hot weather poses a unique challenge and moreover, can be quite dangerous. THE FACTS Individuals will differ greatly in their ability to deal with heat and humidity. The more body fat an individual has, the less efficient the person […]

9 Ways To Identify A Running Coach That Sucks!

Ok, so perhaps the headline isn’t exactly PC but you get the point! Unfortunately, run coaching (or any sport coaching) as a profession isn’t nearly as professional as it should be. There are a lot of reasons for this including but not limited to a lack of a required level of competency to coach – […]