Three Words Every Great Coach Should Say!

Inevitably, an athlete that you coach will ask you something that you aren’t 100% sure about or something that you have absolutely no clue about (ex: what is the distance of a track in the middle lane?). How you respond to these questions says a lot about you as a coach and your coaching practice. […]

Q & A: UESCA Coach Tina Kuhr – Life Fitness Treadmill Product Manager

  In this post, we interview certified UESCA Running Coach, Tina Kuhr, who is a treadmill product manager for Life Fitness. As a lot of us run on treadmills to train, this post gives great insight into not only what to look for in purchasing a treadmill, but also tips to stay motivated and engaged […]

5 Reasons you MUST have a cancellation policy (and what it should say)

If there is anything that 20 years experience as both a personal trainer and endurance sports coach has taught me is that having and adhering to a cancellation policy (CP) is a must! Notice that I wrote, ‘adhere to’ and not just ‘have.’ I know a lot of coaches and trainers that have cancellation policies […]

How’s your EQ?

Coaching success is all too often discussed in terms of race times and places. This is a very black and white view of the coaching process and quite frankly, it’s the incorrect view. I once had an athlete come to me for coaching from another coach and when I asked how they did in their […]

It’s OK To Change Your Mind

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously wrote the following phrase: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” Roughly translated, this means that it’s foolish to never rethink prior or current beliefs. In the world of science and in respect coaching, sports science – there is new research and information that comes out on a daily […]

The Most Valuable Trait To Look For In A Running Coach

Have you ever had a really smart teacher but they couldn’t teach to save their life? Probably. Have you ever sought out a teacher or professor based on their IQ? Probably not. Now equate this to how most runners seek out running coaches, as likewise, how most coaches market their services. Check out the websites […]

How To Start A Run Coaching Business – A Comprehensive Guide

So you’ve run a bunch of races, love reading up on the latest training information and most importantly, you want to share your passion with others so that they can achieve their goals… awesome! Now what? There’s no doubt about it – starting a business is hard. Regardless of whether it’s online or brick and […]

Do I Need A Running Coach Certification To Coach?

As the founder of UESCA, a company that certifies running coaches, I get this question a lot.  The short answer is no – you do not need a running coach certification to coach, at least from a legal point of view. The reality is that there are plenty of great and successful coaches out there […]

Things To Consider When Hiring A Running Coach

So you’ve identified a race to train for, are motivated to get started and went on a spending spree for running clothes at the local running store… now what? You’ve checked out template running programs in running magazines and online but you still feel a bit lost and are in need of direction and help. […]

‘Drag and Drop’ Coaches

Before we launched UESCA, we looked at a variety of website builders, as well as web developers to build the website. Website builders that are user-friendly (and not technical for non-developers) have come a long way since the time we launched UESCA and in our opinion, they are awesome for basic business websites or personal […]