10 Things To Consider When Starting a Coaching Business With Limited Capital

Starting any sort of business is hard – whether it be a small coaching business or Amazon.com, it ain’t easy! While there are more than 10 things to consider when starting a coaching business with limited capital, this blog will cover the top 10. While there are unlimited problems and issues that arise when starting […]

Your Coaching Business Flywheel

Have you ever ridden a spin bike? If you have, you know that it’s pretty hard to get the wheel (flywheel) going due to its weight – usually between 30-45 lbs. However, once that sucker is moving, it’s damn near impossible to stop! While I could posit on this topic as it relates to why […]

5 Tips For Coaching Through The Pandemic

These are stressful times – no doubt about it. From an endurance sports perspective, with very few in-person events being held and not knowing what 2021 is going to look like in regard to the race calendar, there are a lot of unknowns. However, despite the current climate of things, athletes are still being coached […]

Hesitating To Start Your Coaching Practice? 4 Truths You Need To Hear!

I get asked with some frequency what is needed to start a coaching practice. This question is often asked by those that have been ‘sitting’ on the idea of starting a coaching business, or have started the process but haven’t launched. While I could discuss the specifics such as legal business formations, coaching software options, […]

Want To Be A Great Coach? 6 Things To Consider

Running Coach Certification

There are a lot of great coaches out there. There are also a lot of, well… not so great coaches. One question that I get asked with some frequency is, “What do I need to do to be a successful coach?” This is a hard question to answer, as I certainly cannot guarantee that any […]

Your Coaching Business – Where To Go From Here

Things are starting to open up in many areas across the US/internationally, and many races are finding dates to reschedule their events to this fall. So the million dollar question is – what does this mean for you as a coach? Start at the End When planning out a competition season, it is commonplace (and […]

What To Charge For Coaching

A common question among both new and seasoned coaches and trainers is how much to charge. This is often a difficult question to answer as there are several factors that come into play. Some of these factors are: Experience In respect to experience, let’s use lawyers as an example. A new associate at a law […]

Do You Suffer From ‘Imposter Syndrome?’

I raced bikes in the US and Europe, ran collegiate track and cross-country, participated in countless road races, hold a degree in Kinesiology, am a certified NASM corrective exercise specialist and have been a coach and personal trainer for over 20 years. Despite my background, when it came time to launch UESCA… I hesitated. Like […]

How To Deal With Coaching Burnout

In respect to sports, burnout is most associated with athletes. But coaches can burnout too! While some coaches coach full-time, for most of us, coaching is a side-gig born out of our passion for our sport and the desire to help others. As such, coaching tasks such as updating schedules and athlete emails/phone calls often […]

Free Competitive Advantages For Your Coaching Business

I often get asked for tips regarding how to build a successful coaching practice. Oftentimes, those looking for tips are asking in regard to what coaching software to use, what website builder to purchase or how much liability insurance should they buy, etc… While these aforementioned areas are important, they are not ultimately what will […]