Ambassador Program – Terms & Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions of the UESCA Ambassadorship Program.

  1. Ambassadors must either be currently certified by UESCA or become certified during their term of ambassadorship
  2. Application submission for ambassadorship does not constitute or guarantee being selected to become an ambassador
  3. Ambassadors will receive one (1) complimentary UESCA certification during their term of ambassadorship. If already certified, the ambassador will be refunded in full the price they paid of the certification
  4. All ambassador applicants will be notified via email within 30 days of applying regarding their ambassador status
  5. When promoting UESCA, ambassadors must act in a positive and professional manner. Specific examples of this behavior is:
    • Never denigrate other endurance sport companies
    • Do not use inappropriate language either verbally or written
    • You may not promote UESCA at events where payment is required to be a vendor or sponsor (e.g., exposition, race)
  6. The term of ambassadorship is one year (365 days), effective the date of acceptance into the ambassador program. Ambassadorships will end at the end of the term unless the ambassador reapplies and is accepted
  7. Applicants that are not chosen to be ambassadors may reapply after 6 months time (183 days)
  8. UESCA reserves the right to restrict, suspend or cancel an ambassador’s contract at will during any point of an individual’s ambassadorship
  9. At no point during the tenure of an ambassador are they allowed to denigrate or disparage UESCA in any form
  10. UESCA ambassadors are not employees or independent contractors of UESCA
  11. An ambassador may voluntarily drop out of the ambassadorship program for any reason and at any time
    • Written (email) notification is required to drop out of the ambassador program during the one-year contract period
  12. During the term of a UESCA ambassadorship, the ambassador is not permitted to endorse, market or act as an ambassador or liaison to a company or individual that provides the same services as UESCA (endurance sports education and coaching)
  13. The UESCA ambassadorship is not a salaried position
  14. UESCA may amend the Ambassador terms and conditions at any time and for any reason
  15. Benefits provided to UESCA ambassadors are at the discretion of UESCA and shall be considered void where prohibited by law
  16. Neither the ambassador program nor any benefit offered by the program creates, constitutes or gives rise to any legal or contractual rights by members against UESCA
  17. UESCA reserves the right to terminate the ambassador program upon 30-days notice to current ambassadors
  18. Ambassadors must be 18 years of age or older
  19. The ambassador referral fee is $50 for each person referred that registers for a certification
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