1. Great Team

It all starts with an amazing team that is second to none!

2. Creation

No detail was overlooked in creating the learning modules

6. Research

We’ve spent over 6 years researching the latest endurance sports research

3. Delivery

Text, images, videos and 100% online… including the testing

5. Real World

We ensure that our findings are applicable to endurance athletes

4. Be Engaged

Our continuing education process ensures that your interests align with your education

Searching for the Truth

In an area such as endurance sports training where there is as much fiction as there are facts, we look to eliminate fiction by concentrating our efforts on the science behind training methodologies.

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”
– Neil deGrasse Tyson

Intersection of Science and Reality

Just because research deems a training practice to be ideal does not necessarily mean that it is practical. Our team ensures that science-based training methodologies are applicable in real world training environments.

Clear. Concise. Easy to Understand.

CH3C(=O)C(=O)O− (pyruvate)+ HSCoA + NAD+ → CH3C(=O)SCoA (acetyl-CoA) + NADH + CO2

The result of this chemical reaction is important to know, as it’s an energy source for training and racing. However, the value of knowing the exact chemical reactions is, well… not so important (at least not for a coach).

We strive to take the complexity out of sports science and present it in a way that is intuitive, clear and without extraneous noise.

Development Process

We believe that the proper coaching structure is based on a solid understanding of the body and how it works. This enables a coach to apply this knowledge to get the best results for their clients on an individual basis.

Anatomy and Physiology
Triathlon Certification