“If you’re not constantly learning – you’re regressing.”

I’m a Certified Coach… Now What?

As far as we’re concerned, your learning process doesn’t stop with you becoming a certified UESCA coach. Whether it be posting recent research findings in our newsletter, in our closed UESCA Coaches Facebook group, or on our blog – our focus is keeping you abreast of the latest endurance sports training information.

And for all you runners, we post daily in our Facebook group, Science Based Running Tips.

We’re Different (in a good way!)

UESCA - Running Coach Certification

We take continuing education very seriously, but our focus on education does not equate to you having to fly half way across the world to attend a conference or pay half your next paycheck to take continuing education classes!

UESCA does not require continuing education credits (CECs) to maintain a current UESCA certification, at least not in the traditional sense.

It is our belief that individuals are more inspired to learn and retain information when the subject is something they are genuinely interested in and are an active part of the learning process. As such, one option we offer our coaches is to write a short science-based paper every two years on a topic of their choosing related to endurance sports.

The Paper

The word count of the paper should be between 1000-3000 words – not including a bibliography. As noted above, the paper requirement is every two years on a topic related to endurance sport training.

For more details about the paper requirements, as well as a sample paper, please click here.

… other options

We also accept the successful completion of an additional UESCA course as a fulfillment of your CEU requirement.

 OR, should you not want to write the paper or prefer not to take another UESCA Certification, you may opt to take an online re-certification exam for a fee of $99.

Continuing Education Provider

UESCA is proud to be an official continuing education provider to the following organizations:


UESCA Triathlon Certification CEU Credits:

  • USA Cycling: 10.0
  • NASM: 1.9
  • ACE: 3.0
  • ISSA: 20.0
  • AFAA: 11.0

UESCA Running Certification CEU Credits:

  • USA Triathlon: 4.0
  • ACE: 2.3
  • NASM: 1.9
  • ISSA: 20.0
  • AFAA: 11.0