A Week in the Life of Professional Triathlete, Angela Naeth

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I often get asked to tell others what a “week in the life of a pro triathlete” looks like. In all honesty, as a coach of amateur athletes, it’s not too much different than how I coach others. I may have more workouts, longer training sessions at times – but the bulk of what I do as a professional triathlete is similar to what many amateurs are doing for long distance triathlons.

A little background: I race and train for Ironman events and have recently ventured into some gravel racing. I coach athletes, manage two teams (IRACELIKEAGIRL and GIRLSGETGRITTY), work with sponsors, co-own a magazine/online media source (https://runtrimag.com/) and of course, do content and social for UESCA. I like to stay busy. I have two awesome dogs and no kids. I manage my time with the priority of my workouts, recover and divvy out my other fun work-related activities throughout the week. I call it “fun” because it is fun. I love to coach, work with the community of my teams, and enjoy everything I do with my partners.

I live south of Boston. I live with my boyfriend who also does similar things I do. We have created our lives to be based on what we both love to do. I think this is important in any relationship and personal life. Otherwise, the “week in the life” wouldn’t be something I’d even want to write about.

I work with a coach that prescribes me workouts weekly. Most weeks are similar in nature, though depending on the time of year – workouts do vary in type/duration.


Here’s a typical week outline:

Monday:  Recovery day. After a swim workout of 3-5K in the morning, light weights/movement and mobility exercises. Possible recovery jog and/or bike in evening.

Tuesday: Swim 3-5K and strength session, Bike strength workout (low cadence) of 2 hours, run aerobic workout or hills.

Wednesday: Swim 3-5K. Bike workout (4’ish hours with some intensity), run off the bike for 30-45 minutes.

Thursday: Swim 3-5K, strength and mobility, recovery spin, aerobic run or strength.

Friday: Recovery swim or short intensity; recovery spin, recovery jog

Saturday: Long bike (4-7 hours); run off the bike

Sunday: Long run, recovery swim or strength swim in evening

Recovery is important and since I do everything from home, it’s very easy for me to grab a short nap when I need to and use my recovery tools. I use Normatec Boots daily. I’m not afraid to shut everything down, and go lie down if I’m tired.

My weekly fueling is farily typical for any athlete in endurance sports. It is primarily carbohydrate-based. My number one “rule” is a salad a day, or it’s equivalent. I usually have this at dinner with some protein. Throughout the day, I am fueling and using recovery fuels during workouts.

Over the years, I have found that balance in life is everything. As a professional triathlete for over a decade, finding balance with friends, and family has kept my career going. I always try to make time with friends throughout the week – whether it be an easy swim, dinner, coffee or a walk.


Angela Naeth is a partner at United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA), a science-based endurance sports education company. UESCA educates and certifies running, ultrarunning and triathlon coaches (cycling coming soon!) worldwide on a 100% online platform.

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Rick Prince

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