"UESCA has one of the most well researched certifications that I have ever completed. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Art Fresquez, MBA MA

Owner, Wild Hare Coaching

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All Science. No Fluff.


Despite rapid growth in endurance sports, much of the current information is myth-based and antiquated. We are on a mission to seek out evidence-based training information.

Development Process

We started with the question, “What does a coach need to know?” We then worked backwards via input from our team of experts and evidence-based research.

Research Matters

We do not accept at face value that a training practice is correct. In an industry dominated by myths and folklore, research has never been more important.

No Tiers

We believe that a singular certification is the correct method teaching method. Our certifications are developed to ensure that proper progression, specificity and clarity are stressed throughout the learning process.


  • One must understand training theory before it can be applied
  • Training must be grounded in science
  • Coaching must take place within your scope of practice and knowledge
  • Do not accept long-standing training practices at face value
  • Educated clients are engaged clients

We're Elitists, Sort Of

Just because you work with amateur athletes does not mean your coaching practice should be amateurish. Our certifications are elite level and the furthest thing from amateur hour!

  • Finally, a credentialed triathlon certification that is informative and has boosted my number of personal training clients! I feel fully confident in training clients to train for and compete in triathlons.
    Alyssa Holland
  • This certification has been invaluable not only as a coach but also as a triathlete. As a coach, it has given me the confidence to work with athletes of different backgrounds and fitness levels.
    Isabel Speer

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100% Online Delivery

No rental cars, shady hotels and crappy airport food. Our certification is offered 100% online, including the testing! Because really, we know you have better things to do with your weekend.

Multiple Devices

Desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet? We've got you covered. Our content is compatible with all devices and across multiple platforms.


Unlike a 4-year degree, our learning modules focus only on the things that you need to know to be an effective coach. No underwater basket weaving classes here!


Our content is delivered via text, images and videos

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Our Team

Not to brag, ok… maybe just a little. We’ve put a significant effort into bringing together a team of experts across multiple disciples and specializations that are not only specialists in their respective fields, but also endurance athletes.

  • Dietician
  • Biomechanist
  • Sport Psychologist
  • Physician
  • Physiologist
  • Sport-Specific Coaches
  • Physical Therapist
  • Personal Trainers

OK, you get the point. To learn more about our awesome team, please click here.

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